Frequently Asked Questions


If your question is not answered here or you would like more information, please call the Building Manager, Joe Coccia at 610-863-9883.

How do I reserve my hall rental?

Call us to check on availability (610-863-9883, leave a message). When an open date is agreed upon, forward your security deposit to secure the date. We will hold your rental up to 10 business days.

May I use the kitchen?

You will have access to two commercial refrigerators, a commercial freezer, preparation table, and commercial 3-bay sink. Garbage and recycling containers are available; extra container liners are available.

Am I obligated to use your caterer?

No, absolutely not. Please, use whomever you like or do it yourself if you prefer.

Is smoking permitted indoors?

No. Smoking is permitted outdoors only, preferably on the patio where there are receptacles.

To see if a date is available or for further information, please call.

Home Association 610-863-9883 (please leave message)