Knights of Columbus
Father Denisco Council No. 3862
Knight of the Year - 2014

"Honoring Gregory B. Findon"

Ruth Hutnik, William J. Hutnik, Greg B. Findon, Rosanne Findon

William J. Hutnik, Greg B. Findon, Rosanne Findon

The Findon Family

    The Fr. DeNisco Council #3862 Knights of Columbus held their 60th Annual Dinner Dance on Saturday, May 10, 2014. During the dinner dance, the Knight of the Year award was presented by the immediate past Knight of the Year, William J. Hutnik, to the 2014 Knight of the Year, Gregory B. Findon.

    Greg was born on December 1, 1947 to Brent and Amelia Findon. His family was large, four brothers, Geoff who is deceased, Gary, George, Guy and four sisters, Susie, Judy, Cindy, and Beth. He spent his entire life in Wind Gap and graduated from Pen Argyl High School in 1965. He worked as a steamfitter for many years, and eventually became a project manager at H. T Lyons Inc. from which he retired in 2005. His colleagues at HT Lyons called him the “go-to” guy because he had, and still has the reputation of being the one to get things done. Greg began a consulting business in 2010 and has continued to offer his expertise for his former company.

Greg was baptized in Zion Presbyterian Church when he was younger, but eventually converted to Catholicism. He went to Father Jim Prior for his religious instruction and was fortunate enough to complete his journey to Catholicism using the Father Jim Prior Speedy six-week program. But Greg truly loved learning about our faith and he has become a faithful believer.

Greg and Rosanne received the sacrament of Matrimony in 2007 and now share a deep spiritual bond. Greg brags that he has only missed Mass about three times…. Even when he and Rosanne travel, they always attend Mass. Greg and Rosanne have been married for 32 years and they have a blended family of four children, Kurt, married to Carolanne Findon, Kyle Findon, David Jackson, and Jennifer Devine, married to Tom Devine. But to Greg, there is no such thing as a stepchild or step grandchild or step in-law. He loves everyone in the same way. He is the glue that holds the family together and he is always available when the family or friends need him.

Of course, the brightest part of his life are his grandchildren, Kane and Kira Findon, and Tommy, David, and Josie Devine. He loves attending their sporting events, concerts, and school activities. Nothing is impossible for Pop Pop , as he is affectionately called. His favorite anecdote tells about the time that he and Rosanne installed a swimming pool about 12 years ago. His daughter Jennifer asked why they never had a pool when they were growing up. Greg’s response was…”If I could have had grandchildren first, I would have.”

His father-in-law Vincent Caiazzo passed away on March 15, 2009, the same day Greg was going to receive his third degree. His family encouraged him to receive his degree because that is what his father-in-law would have wanted. He was especially proud of Greg when he became a Knight. Greg loves being a fourth degree Knight of Columbus and is truly dedicated to the organization.

Greg is a faithful servant of God, a blessing to his family, a well-respected gentleman, a true friend to so many, and the love of Rosanne’s life.